What is Cognitive Functional Therapy?

Pain is complex and can involve and affect all aspects of our lives. Cognitive Functional Therapy is a treatment method that incorporates contemporary pain research and physiology so you can have a better understanding and make sense of your pain. 

There are three aspects to Cognitive Functional Therapy:

Making sense of pain helps identify unhelpful beliefs, emotions, and behaviours about pain that act as barriers to your recovery.

Exposure with control uses gradual exposure to new movements to develop pain control strategies and the confidence to participate in your daily activities.

Physical activity and lifestyle advice promotes healthy lifestyle changes such as sleep, exercise, strength & conditioning, stress management, and diet.

Cognitive Functional Therapy has been researched during several clinical trials on chronic low back pain, and has been found to:

  • Reduce pain and disability
  • Reduce pain-related fear of movement
  • Improve range of motion

At Gelley Chiropractic we incorporate Cognitive Functional Therapy into our traditional chiropractic care for patients who are experiencing persistent and debilitating neck and back pain.  It is our goal to keep you actively engaged in the normal activities of your daily life.  We will help you to find strategies that put you in control of your pain.